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This crazy roller coaster

Camden Creek all started with jewelry.  My mom had invested a ton of money in making jewelry and then never got around to it.  I thought, hmmm, I can do it!  So, every evening was spent in a little room in my house making jewelry and then weekends were spent at craft shows.  Hats off to all the people that go to shows!  It is a lot of work, the drive, the set up, the take down, the drive home.  I had no idea until I got into it, never really thought about how much work and money these vendors put into it.  Then if no one goes with you...you sit there all day hungry and needing to go to the bathroom.  It was fun getting to meet new people, most of them were nice and encouraging, not all.  I guess everyone can have their own opinion, sometimes it would just be nice if they wouldn't share negative thoughts though!  It can be very discouraging!  My biggest problem with it all is I am so shy!  People might think that I am not friendly or a snob...I'm not!  I have so much anxiety about talking to new people and am so nervous about it, it is awful!  So, I got to thinking, this jewelry thing is definitely not going to put food on the table and I've always wanted to own a boutique.  So after some convincing to my husband, he agreed to let us go in a lot of debt to start my dream!  We live in a really small town and I didn't know if a clothing store would go over well and then there is the whole anxiety issue.  So, online it is!  Talk about a crazy emotional roller coaster!  From having a good day to not selling anything one day, from trying to figure out face book advertising to learning how to use instagram!  I had no clue what I was doing, but I'm figuring it out little by little.  I'm even writing a blog for the first time!  Huge step for me, I wouldn't have done this when I started almost a year ago.  At least, I think I'm blogging right, lol, I've never even read a blog before!  My son videos the give aways that I do with my daughter Camden.  Those that know me know what a huge step that is for me!  To actually talk on a video and post it for everyone to see, is a crazy big step!  I even have clothes in a salon in the town where I live now and it seems to be going pretty well!  Maybe, some day I'll even have a brick and mortar boutqiue,  I was never one of those people who was on my phone constantly, now I can't put it down.  Always checking to see if I sold something or someone asked me a question, I owe my husband a dinner sometime, because I was completely distracted last time!  But, I love every bit of it and am still so excited over all of it.  I've seen a thing on face book that says when you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance,  SO TRUE!  God bless my poor friends and family for constantly having to listen to my troubles and issues in trying to figure this whole thing out, especially my sister-in-law!  The boutique isn't doing well enough for me to quit my full time job as an elementary secretary, but I just wonder if I did quit and put everything into it, would it work out?!  That's a huge question that no one can answer for me.  Give up a job that I love to work full time on my business that I love.  What if it fails!  What if it works!

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